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Our guest blog this week is by Debbie from An Idea was Born.

Got a headache from Social Media overload? I have to say even for a digital marketing person like myself whose been working in the industry a very long time I feel it’s getting a bit out of hand with all the social media sites that keep appearing out of nowhere!

10 years ago it was simple there was only Facebook, My Space and Bebo (which never really took off in the UK anyway)! Now there are so many to choose from Twitter, Facebook, Google +, Tumblr, Instagram, Pininterest, Vine, Blogger, Delicious…the list goes on. So here are a few simple tips to help you decide which ones to use:

  1. Have a social media strategy – think about what you are trying to achieve with Social Media? What are your goals? You need to put in place your social media strategy before you sign up to any of the social media sites. Time and time again I see companies just setting up a page on all of the social sites known to mankind and then not engaging with them. Is your goal to raise brand awareness? Improve SEO? Increase sales? Or gain customer loyalty? Think long and hard about what you want to achieve before you set up lots of pages!
  2. Once you have defined your goals it makes it a lot easier to decide which social platforms to concentrate your efforts on! Facebook, Twitter and Pininterest are best for driving traffic to your website and increasing brand awareness. Google + and You Tube are the best platforms to focus on if your goal is to improve SEO. If your goal is targeting other businesses then Linked In will be your best platform.
  3. Next think about your content – what are you going to post to your chosen social media platforms? Content is king the old saying goes and couldn’t be more true when it comes to content for social media sites. If you post something dull nobody is going to engage with it. It needs to be interesting, photos work well if you are a business that can take interesting photos of your product/service/staff these are always well shared on social sites. Also don’t just post the same thing to Facebook, Twitter and Google + it’s boring and they are all very different platforms with different types of audiences (I will go into what type of posts work best for which social sites in my next blog post…)!
  4. Review your analytics for each of the social sites. They all have analytics behind them – don’t just, post, post, post – have a look at what is working, what is getting most shared, most comments, most engagement. I see companies all the time just setting up social media pages across social media sites and then not analysing their data. Then they wonder 6 months down the line why they have had little increase in followers. Data is behind all the major social media sites, use it wisely to improve your content.
  5. Last tip for you – only set up the number of social media sites you can physically manage and update regularly! Too many businesses make the mistake of setting up 4 or 5 social media pages for their company but then only having time to keep 2 of them updated! If social media is part of another job you do I would advise only set up 2 or 3 maximum as it becomes impossible to manage them all. Otherwise believe me it is more time consuming than you think!

I hope this helps your social media headache? If not well you better go and get the paracetamol!

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