Airbus is the world’s leading civil aircraft manufacturer and with many offices around the globe has complex recruitment requirements. We have been working with the Airbus for several years designing and implementing their recruitment marketing collateral. The brief specifically has been to project the employer brand values on both national and international levels with the objective of positioning Airbus as a tier 1, best-in-class employer.

From campaign concept development through to artwork production and delivery, we have produced a wide range of print and online advertising materials, promotional literature and event collateral to drive recruitment operations across the business. Each one has addressed different communications goals and has been carefully crafted for local or international audiences.

One example is the “Fly Your Ideas” student competition. This was developed to encourage graduates to engage with the Airbus brand, while highlighting the organisation’s continuous focus on innovation, technological advancement and engineering excellence. As such we were able to position the business as an employer of choice for graduates across many different disciplines, not just engineering. The identity of the competition has evolved over recent years and currently employs bespoke, futuristic imagery with a high-tech look and feel aimed to engage and inspire the target audience. This helps to unify the collateral across the print, digital and events channels to deliver a consistent user experience and effective recruitment tool.

With over of 11,000 students participating from 600 universities in over 100 countries the Fly Your Ideas competition is now entering its 4th season and is proving to be a hugely successful recruitment channel.