Claudius Peters manufacture bulk materials processing and handling solutions across sectors that include gypsum and cement production, iron and steel, energy and alumina production. They are an international organisation with representatives across the globe.

Oyster Studios are producing an on-going range of press advertising to raise brand awareness in the various vertical markets in which Claudius Peters operates, as well as update their product marketing collateral to refresh and enhance their 100 year old brand. The challenge has been to find a suitable way to portray the business while at the same time creating an engaging look and feel that also underlines their expertise across various industry sectors. By utilising their expertise in bulk materials and making use of their in-house R&D facilities we have developed a creative platform based around microscopic imagery of bulk material particles. These unique images illustrate the depth of knowledge the company brings to bare in each area and at the same time takes highly technical subject matter, makes it engaging and creates stand out in each industry sector.

The result is a range of marketing tools that project a consistent and unique brand image as well as deliver a striking new approach in a traditionally conservative market.