Elecro Engineering produce water heating products for swimming pools and spas. They manufacture high quality, innovative solutions and export across the globe.

Their challenge to the Oyster Studios team was to develop a suite of sales literature that presented lengthy, detailed, technical product information in a compelling way – in 7 different languages including Arabic and Russian.

Working closely with their marketing team we designed a range of striking, colourful product specification brochures that clearly and consistently laid out all the key information in an attractive and engaging format. By close cropping of high quality, bespoke photographs of the products we created an individual look to each brochure but within a consistent and contemporary brand framework. The resulting set of 9 brochures included a subtle brand refresh that combined to create a unique and distinct foundation for their sales and marketing programme.

Following the success of these product brochures we have also created several new product packaging designs as well as deploying the brand refresh across exhibition and display graphics to further build their brand within the marketplace.