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Our latest Guest blog comes from our local digital experts Cariad Marketing with a very useful overview of the Twitter Hashtag!

Firstly – What is Twitter Hashtag?
Simply put it is a word or phrase spelled out without spaces with a pound sign (#) in front of it. #ImACeleb, #ChristmasShopping and #NewYearsEve are all examples that have been very popular with the general public this week.

Why Use a Hashtag on Twitter?
To get your message out there! The hashtag symbol turns the word or phrase into a clickable and searchable link allowing you to spread your tweets further than just you’re immediate followers enabling you to promote products and services powerfully and effectively. As well as using hashtags in your posts you can also use them to search. meaning you can target prospects quickly and precisely.

Dos & Don’ts of Twitter Hashtags

–    Spell check before you post it! Especially your hashtags. No one will find your message and you will not be linked to the rest of the buzz around the particular tag if you haven’t spelt it correctly.

–    Be specific. If there is a specific type of person or industry that your company targets then use your hashtags to find them! If you’re a company that sells chocolate hampers then use hashtags such as #chocoholic and #ilovechocolate or if you work in a gym try #bodybuilding and #gymselfies.

–    Overuse them. You definitely do not want to be hashtagging the majority of the words in your tweets, try to stick to two or three. Using too many dilutes their usefulness and can come across as spamming. It may gain you more followers but it’s often the wrong type of tweeters that you attract this way.

–    Be Insensitive. Hashtags are beginning to be used more and more to promote serious messages and information such as the #whenileft campaign for domestic violence. Be sure to do your research before jumping on the bandwagon for the wrong reasons.

Our Favourite Hashtags

#hertshour – Promote your business or find a business service in Hertfordshire. A live chat service that takes place between 8pm and 9pm every Monday.

#toptiptuesday – Spread your knowledge and share your top tip of the day giving you a chance to reach out to a wider audience and gain possible retweets and new followers.

#throwbackthursday – A more general hashtag that you can be really imaginative with. Lots of people use it on their personal accounts sharing old photos however you could use it to post old branding, products or promotions to spark a conversation from your business account.

#hertfordshire – If you are a local business what better way to connect with prospects near you than tagging your county? We like to use Hertfordshire for our business however you can hashtag wherever you are!

This article was written by Sophie Marston from the SEO Team at Cariad Marketing ( A Hertfordshire based web design and online marketing agency providing social media marketing and social media training for businesses throughout Herts, Bucks and North London.

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