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Andron Handling provides a range of lifting and material handling solutions including manipulators, grippers, cranes, tool support arms and conveyors, as well as providing clients with technical support and training. As leading suppliers to the automotive sector, Andron is now adopting a wider marketing approach with the aim of strengthening its offering within industries such as aerospace, rail, industrial machinery and food & packaging, as well as raising awareness of its products throughout the marketplace in general.

Andron’s lifting and handling solutions have an excellent reputation for quality and reliability among existing clients, but prior to beginning working with Oyster its marketing activities were limited. With no internal marketing department and no marketing strategy in place, the company felt it was missing out on new opportunities.

The brief 

Following a 4-way pitch, Oyster was invited to develop and implement a comprehensive marketing strategy aimed at raising awareness of the company and its products across its chosen sectors. This included the production of new marketing collateral to help sell Andron’s products to prospective clients and the creation of a brand-new, modern website.


With a tired corporate identity, a website in need of an update and very little in the way of marketing materials, the first priority was to refresh the company brand to bring it up to date.

Oyster proposed giving the logo a gentle update and creating a range of new marketing collateral including: a company overview brochure; specification sheets for key products; a professional PowerPoint sales presentation; case study templates; and a new website, designed from the outset with search engine optimisation in mind.

Once these activities have been completed, the next stage of the strategy is to begin active marketing. This is likely to include initiatives such as: creating and implementing a hard-hitting paid LinkedIn campaign to support Andron’s current organic LinkedIn activities and expand its reach; trialling the viability of using Google Ads to promote particular products and drive traffic to Andron’s website; creating an e-marketing programme; and providing exhibition stand design and marketing support.

Results (to date)

Oyster has successfully completed the brand refresh and designed and produced professional business cards for key members of staff. The new company overview brochure, specification sheets, case study template and PowerPoint sales presentation have also been designed and the new website is in the process of being built.

According to Sales Manager, Andy Thomson,“presented everything that Andron & Oyster have been working on at the company meeting recently using the new PowerPoint presentation format you designed, and everything was very well-received by all employees. A great job is being done and I thank you all for your efforts. Our new brochure is looking great and we’re excited to see our new website when it’s completed! 

“Some of my key objectives when starting this process were to have the collateral to present a professional, experienced company that are experts at what we do. These objectives as well as many others are being achieved.”

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