Good packaging design is essential in making your product appealing to stockists and consumers alike. But what’s as important is reflecting the personality of your company or brand. Not just in the graphic look of the packaging but also in the shape, the materials and the functionality. Whether a luxury food product, quirky drinks brand or toy range, it is vital that your packaging presents the product inside in the best possible light. Shoddy execution undermines your message and won’t reassure customers they’re getting the best value for their money.

Equally, misleading customers with elaborate packs that over-promise, are difficult to open or simply far bigger than the product inside lead to feelings of frustration and disappointment. Not the reaction you want when they see your product for the first (and possibly last) time!

When working with clients to create packaging solutions Oyster takes the time to understand and explore buyer personas, motivators, demographics and behavior to ensure the resulting packaging design is more than simply appealing to your target audience but also works hard to support your brand and make your message clear. Making the experience positive for both you and your customers.

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