Piller are an international organisation that manufacture, install and maintain electrical power supply protection and conditioning equipment. For the last few years Oyster Studios has been working with them to support the delivery of cross-channel marketing activity that promotes brand awareness and stimulates customer acquisition.

The challenge of this on-going activity has been to develop a creative style that can be transferred and used consistently across trade show event stands, advertising, product collateral and online material. As with many engineering businesses the key objective has been to differentiate the brand and promote the benefits of what can be perceived as ‘necessity purchase’ in an attractive and engaging manner, combining this with compelling messaging and calls to action.

Our solution has been to avoid the industry norms of their competitors and build a unique voice that helps the business stand out from the background noise. By gaining an understanding of the products and their specific benefits we have been able to identify and address customer concerns and positively showcase the Piller solutions.

The key has been a unified approach to the brand presentation. With a strong visual identity it has been possible to announce different messages to varying audiences without ‘watering down’ the brand or creating confusing communications. The customer experience is now far more consistent right through from trade press exposure and product literature to industry shows and conferences, which in turn builds consumer confidence and underlines the reliability of the Piller product range as a whole.