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Advertising your business can be a fast track way to let people know about your products and services.

So what makes a good Ad? The simple answer to this question is impact.

The reality is that with any advert, online, in print or outdoor the time you have to make an impression on your audience is limited to seconds, so your image and headline must have impact. It’s also worth remembering that in ad design less is more.

A good advertisement will effectively target the right customers and market the benefits of what your business has to offer. It will make people want to act upon seeing it.

A good ad should make you think, laugh, talk about it, or at least make you look twice.

Having made the decision to invest in an ad campaign and buying the media space, SME’s are often tempted to ensure their advert is full to the brim with as much information as possible. However this just creates a cluttered, confusing ad, that can get lost among other similar amateur efforts, with no clear message hierarchy and information over-load.

It is far more effective to develop a concise, coherent ad that resonates with your target audience, doesn’t appear cramped and doesn’t risk undermining your brand.

There are some simple principles that define what makes an advert successful.

A good advert:

  • Is memorable
  • Provides information quickly and succinctly
  • Is easily recalled
  • Doesn’t confuse or overwhelm the viewer.
  • Connects with its audience, their needs and desires.
  • Includes a clear, prominent brand logo
  • Features the company contact information including website.
  • Has a clear call to action. (Make the next steps you would like the consumer to take incredibly obvious e.g. “To find out more call”)

When designing an advert ensure it includes a high impact, provocative and memorable image.

The image used should reflect your brand values and be relevant and engaging to your target audience. Ensure your ad features a strong, snappy headline to capture attention. Consider using ambiguity, intrigue, humor, a play on words or a pledge outlining what you will deliver.

Your advert could also include a paragraph, maximum two of tight, well-written copy that is interesting and actively sells the product or service. There could be rhetorical questions included to make the reader think. Remember if the copy focuses on the benefits of your product or service it will resonate better with your audience. However don’t use false or outrageous claims, avoid clichés and don’t patronise your audience.

Advertising is a very powerful tool to raise brand awareness, launch new products and communicate with your target audience. Following these simple tips will help ensure your advert has impact and your investment pays off.

The team at Oyster Studios have been producing advertising campaigns – for over 20 years from traditional printed press ads to online rich media and augmented reality and everything in-between.

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