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Mesmerising LED Displays steal the show in Paris!


To create an impactful trade show stand design that compensated for the limited ceiling height and dominating support pillars 

After the success of Cigré 2019, Oyster was approached by Mitsubishi Electric Power Systems Group (PSG) to create an impactful trade exhibition stand design for them at Cigré in Paris 2022. Unfortunately, two large venue columns dominated the centre of the stand and the ceiling height was prohibitively low. With new products and a decision to go digital, we needed to create an original, contemporary and appealing stand to reflect the company’s brand values, attract visitors and help generate new business leads. 


2.5m-tall LED walls with animated content to provide the wow factor

Our in-house design team began by conceptualising the trade show stand design, incorporating the two columns as a design feature, cladding the surfaces with LED screens and bringing them to life with animated video. Both the stand and movie were rendered as proof of concept. The stand design was complicated by the venue’s height restrictions – normally exhibition stands can be 5 metres high or more, whereas this site was limited to a height of only 3 metres for the columns and just 2.5 metres for the back wall. These were significant obstacles to overcome.

The comprehensive 3D renders we created demonstrated to the client how effective their stand would be ahead of construction, incorporating the LED video wall-clad columns. Generous use of recessed LED lighting gave a crisp, modern feel. With the decision to go digital, an interactive touch table was placed to the front of the stand with a further touch screen on a rear wall. iPads were placed next to model plinths with feature content. These display models had been previously constructed by hand in the UK and then shipped to the venue in Paris using a specialist courier service.


The LED wall was a huge success, with dynamic video content and messages drawing footfall to the stand

The resulting trade show stand design effectively integrated the two pillars in the design, incorporated a coffee bar to welcome visitors onto the stand, maximised floor space for the products and included a private meeting area with a new mesh wall feature, while at the same time the stand remained light, airy and uncluttered, despite the venue having such a low ceiling. The added interactive touch table and screen were supported by iPads with scrolling content and LCD TVs looping videos. The stand was extremely eye-catching and the display models succeeded in attracting a large number of visitors. Our client was delighted with how the show went and deemed it their most successful Cigré yet. Our stand concept succeeded in attracting over 500 attendees to visit the stand which amounts to 10% of the total show attendance. 

Our client was also really impressed with the LED wall and hoped to continue using this feature at other shows and exhibitions.

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The exhibition was very good this time – it was probably our best ever in terms of footfall to our stand and the interest in our products. The biggest interest came from the DCCB product and the 400kV GIS model looked really good too.

Steve Langdon, Manager, European Operations T&D, Mitsubishi Electric Europe
2 LED walls
4 iPads with scrollable content
2 interactive touch screens
500 stand visitors
10% of all attendees visited

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