St Albans Visitor Branding

Developing authentic visitor branding for St Albans City and surrounding area


Local marketing agency, Oyster, was asked to create new experiential visitor branding for St Albans to promote the historic city as a visitor destination.

The brand needed to deliver a clear message to potential visitors to encourage them to visit and highlight what they can expect to find when they get there. It was intended to position St Albans as a relevant, lively and aspirational destination.


Following extensive market and competitor research we defined the visitor branding project’s brand values – Authentic, Unique, Outstanding, Fascinating and Welcoming.

The final brand was chosen from a spread of 7 options that we presented as stand-alone logos, brochure covers and website landing pages to demonstrate how the brand could work in situ.

The chosen logo appropriately portrays the character of St Albans with ‘found’ lettering from around the city and local area being brought together to create a unique and striking identity. The brightly coloured brand furniture that unifies the brand is taken from St Albans Cathedral’s stained glass window. The strapline “Choose your story” invites the audience to create their own experience that they can tell family and friends about and becomes an open invitation to explore everything St Albans has to offer. To support the rebrand, we developed a style guide to ensure brand compliance moving forward.


The result of this engaging visitor branding project was a fantastic brand that portrays the heritage of St Albans in a clever and unique way.

Every letter in the logo represents a piece of history, from the Roman Theatre of Verulanium to the oldest UK pub, Ye Olde Fighting Cocks, to bring the story of St Albans alive and represent it as a relevant, lively and aspirational destination whilst reflecting its history and continuity. A dramatic and energetic city that has been bursting with ideas and life for over a millennia.

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