Andron Handling LinkedIn Advertising Campaign

How we utilised LinkedIn advertising to help Andron Handling enter new markets and generate new business enquiries


Helping Andron Handling target new industries and attract a more diverse client base

Our client, Andron Handling, wanted to raise awareness of their bespoke lifting and handling equipment across a number of industries including aerospace, defence, rail, warehousing & logistics, packaging, food & beverage and industrial automation. Andron was already well-known within the automotive sector but because of their heavy reliance on one industry they were vulnerable if the industry went into serious decline. Our strategy was to help them target new industries and attract a more diverse client base by carrying out a targeted LinkedIn advertising campaign.


LinkedIn advertising campaign is a relatively inexpensive and easily measurable way to attract new business.

We created two campaigns, one to attract followers to the Andron Handling company page and one to generate leads. We spent considerable time researching and developing a carefully defined target audience comprising the key industry sectors Andron wanted to work with. Within these sectors we targeted senior individuals such as directors, engineers and project engineers by job title, i.e. individuals most likely to make an enquiry about Andron’s bespoke equipment.

In addition, we advised Andron how to grow their LinkedIn followers organically and our ideas were implemented in parallel to the paid LinkedIn advertising campaign.

Follower Campaign

The follower campaign comprised an in-feed ad and two dynamic ads. The ads encouraged people to visit Andron Handling’s LinkedIn profile, explore the page and ‘follow’ the page. 

Lead Generation Campaign

The aim of this campaign was to generate valuable business leads for Andron. We developed a carousel ad which comprised nine slides. The slides displayed the core products and services Andron has to offer and encouraged people to contact Andron to find out more.


A significant rise in awareness of Andron Handling and 32 valuable new business leads

In total the campaigns generated 204,726 impressions, 627 clicks to the website, 147 new followers and 32 new business leads (none of whom were in the automotive sector). The campaign was particularly successful due to the highly sophisticated audience targeting carried out. 

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204,726 impressions
627 clicks
147 new followers
32 new business leads

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