The Tyler Reader Charity Branding Project

Branding and event theming for The Tyler Reader Brighter Future Fund


Our challenge was to design a fun, vibrant and colourful brand for the charity.

The Tyler Reader Brighter Future Fund was set up in memory of Tyler, a 34-month old toddler who sadly lost his life to sepsis in 2015. Every year in the UK there are over 150,000 cases of sepsis, resulting in a staggering 44,000 deaths. The charity was set up to raise awareness of this life-threatening condition and to raise money for Great Ormond Street Hospital and it was looking for an agency with experience in charity branding to create an impactful brand. The money raised by the charity would be used to purchase vital equipment such as ventilators and infusion pumps, and to provide essential sepsis training for the hard-working hospital staff. We wanted to create a brand that is personal to Tyler, reflecting his character and personality throughout.


Charity branding is an area we feel passionately about and it was our aim to develop a logo with fun typography, utilising Tyler’s favourite colours to inject energy and personality into the brand.

As Tyler is the key focus of the charity, it was important for his name to stand out. The Brighter Future Fund was neatly tucked underneath in a bright orange colour which was chosen to represent joy, sunshine and happiness. The logo has a number of small and large hand prints surrounding the right side of typography representing children’s and adults’ hands. Hand printing is a common activity for young children to enjoy, but we also felt the hand symbolises togetherness, strength and ‘lending a hand’, which perfectly represented the charity. The hand prints really humanised the design and brought an extra dimension of care and attention to the brand.


The charity branding project resulted in an extremely personal brand that reflected Tyler’s character, personality and his effect on people

Using the newly developed brand, we created an array of eye-catching marketing collateral including stationery, flyers, display graphics and social media graphics.

The charity went on to host two fantastic fundraising events at Luton Hoo Walled Garden in Hertfordshire, which we developed a range of marketing materials for. The first event was the circus-themed ‘Playtime Ball’ and the second fundraising event was themed ‘Tyler’s Wonderland’ based on the famous ‘Alice in Wonderland’ book. We designed and produced eye-catching flyers, posters and a 48-page event programme for each event.

The fundraising balls were both extremely successful, attracting attendees from all over the home counties. Between the two events and other fundraising efforts the charity raised over £79,560!

Not only did the brand, supporting materials and fundraising events successfully raise awareness of the charity, but they also raised awareness of sepsis and its detrimental symptoms, which is an incredible achievement.

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1 vibrant, personal logo
2 46-page event programmes
2 fundraising events
Over £79,560 raised

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