Mitsubishi Electric integrated marketing campaign

New ASSISTA Cobot triumphs in pan-european B2B integrated marketing campaign, garnering 4 million+ audience reach and boosting safety perceptions across key vertical markets


Our challenge was to raise awareness of Mitsubishi Electric’s ASSISTA collaborative robots (cobots) among factory automation professionals in key vertical markets across Europe, including life science, automotive, food and beverage, packaging and battery. We achieved this by devising a hard-hitting pan-European B2B integrated marketing campaign.

With a wide range of manufacturing applications, the MELFA ASSISTA is a future-proof cobot, but our key challenge was to address concerns within the industry regarding the safety of cobots. Having been independently tested to international safety standards, utilising only H1 food grade lubricants in every joint and gear and a brush-clean hygienic design, Mitsubishi Electric cobots ensure the highest level of safety across a multitude of manufacturing applications and our role was to convey this, along with their many other benefits.


We devised an integrated marketing campaign that utilised digital and offline marketing to target key decision makers in relevant vertical markets, encouraging them to download a whitepaper that highlighted the benefits and uses of cobots in the manufacturing process. We adapted existing messaging about the Mitsubishi Electric ASSISTA to demonstrate the practicality and safety of using cobots in different applications, to maximise the number of whitepaper downloads. 

Working in conjunction with key trade press, we set up interviews to provide an in-depth insight into the benefits of the MELFA ASSISTA cobot. This content was then developed into podcasts and published articles that were promoted via LinkedIn and Twitter by the respective publications. This helped to maximise reach and engagement and led to an increase in downloads of the whitepaper. In turn, this activity also generated leads for Mitsubishi Electric’s ASSISTA sales team.

In addition, we developed a pan-European media schedule and ran press ads and/or online banner advertising, newsletter entries and solus e-shots in key trade press in each vertical market, including publications such as European Pharmaceutical Manufacturer, Automotive Manufacturing Solutions, Food & Drink Technology, Packaging Europe, Control Engineering Europe and IEN Europe. We also created five separate LinkedIn advertising campaigns, each targeting key decision makers in one of the key vertical markets. 


Our pan-European B2B integrated marketing campaign for the MELFA ASSISTA performed exceptionally well, achieving a combined audience reach of 4,046,535 within the manufacturing sector. 

Over a 2-month period, the LinkedIn campaigns collectively generated 1,696,535 impressions, 13,907 link clicks and a high number of whitepaper downloads. We succeeded in raising awareness of the benefits of Mitsubishi Electric’s ASSISTA cobots to key individuals across the five vertical markets we targeted, as well as generating valuable leads for the sales team.

Oyster continues to support Mitsubishi Electric with marketing and creative services on both a campaign and ad hoc basis.

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4,046,535 total reach
1,696,535 LinkedIn impressions
31,160 clicks

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